“India! Land of color, contrasts and curries!
When I signed up to travel to India with Metta Soul Journeys, I expected the unexpected and I was not disappointed in my expectations!  Linda knows India, heart and soul. Thus we were spun and woven into a glimpse of India that was authentic, heartfelt, and immensely diverse.  I have traveled many places on this grand earth, but I have never felt so warmly enveloped and embraced by a culture, and that is a true reflection of the genius that Linda brings to her tours…wherever they may roam. I am definitely signing up for another Metta Adventure! Can’t wait for Linda’s next spin on ……???”
— Rebecca K., Elgin, Illinois

“Forget the travel section of The New York Times, Lonely Planet and all those travel sites written by twenty-somethings.  If you want to experience the REAL India, travel with Linda.  I first “met” Linda through her yoga blog several years ago and was struck by her humor, honesty, and down to earth attitude.  When I found out she was a fellow India lover I reached out to her for advice about where to study yoga, where to stay, and where to shop.  She knows her stuff and she will lead you to places that you will not find on a travel website or a map.  I don’t know what I would do without her!”
— Alyssa T., New York